"Our goal is to help keep your workouts and training program on track"

Massage and Bodywork for Athletes at Every Level!

Massage Therapy

We have worked with many athletes, including soccer and hockey players, dancers, runners, ultimate frisbee players and yoga practitioners.  Regardless of your athletic level, if you exercise and want to achieve greater wellness, then massage therapy is worth checking out and adding to your training program.  Learn more about the types of massage we offer here.

Kinesio Taping – Coming Soon!

Kinesio Taping has many applications, for athletes and non-athletes alike.  It can be used for plantar fasciitis, muscle strains, tendonitis and much more.  Created to adhere to the skin for 3-5 days, kinesio taping allows the positive effects of massage therapy and bodywork to continue well beyond the treatment room.  Learn more about it here!

Referral Network





We firmly believe that referrals are invaluable when seeking out a reliable health professional…especially if you’ve always been tentative to try a new modality like acupuncture or have had a disappointing experience in the past.  We have worked with some amazing practitioners and are happy to recommend their services to our clients. Click here to check out our network!